Schedule SmåBUS Children´s Book Festival 2018

Tuesday 18 september 2018

  • Evening: Arrival participants SmåBUS 2018 coming from further away
    • Dinner

      During the day we organise several school visits within the community of Vetlanda. Authors en illustrators who wish to qualify herefore, should mention this during subscription and should be present on the festival location (Folkhögskola Ädelfors) before 12 o’clock.

Wednesday 19 september 2018

  • Morning:
    • 08.00 Breakfast

    • 09.30 Welcome

    • Opening lecture: Jenny Valentine
      Theme: Narrative power and the pleasure of reading

    • 10.30 Fika (Coffee/tea and some sweets)

    • 11.00 Meet & Greet with speaker 

  • Noon: Lunch

  • Afternoon: Wide range of workshops and lectures (Register now)

    • 14.00 Illustrating for writers (Veerle Derave): Workshop

    • 14.00 Horse books, their importante and status in different countries (Malin Eriksson, Gertrud Jetten): Lecture + discussion (open to librarians and teachers too) 

    • 14.00 Writing for illustrators (Inge Bergh): Workshop

    • 16.00  Mirror, mirror on the wall: diversity in picture books (Mylo Freeman): Workshop/lecture (for illustrators, also open to librarians and teachers) 

    • 16.00 The environment of youth in Young Adult books (Katarina von Bredow, Jenny Valentine  and Edward Van de Vendel): Lecture (open to librarians and teachers too) 

    • 16.00 Easy reading as an expression of art (Åsa Storck): Lecture and discussion
       (open to librarians and teachers too)

  • Evening: dinner

    • 19.00 Evening lecture at Ädelfors: The rights of writers, illustrators and publishers. Fees, scholarships, international opportunities. Panel discussion with representatives of various author’s and illustrator’s organizations, publishers, deAuteurs...

    • 19.00 Evening lecture in the Withalasalen: Lecture for the general public by Katarina von Bredow
      Theme: Narrative power and the pleasure of reading

Thursday 20 september 2018

  • Morning:

    • 07.00 Breakfast

    • 08.00 Trip to Astrid Lindgrens Näs

    • 09.30 Official opening exhibition Hela världens Bullerbyn

    • 10.00 Fika

    • 10.30 Workshop in Astrid Lindgren´s gardens: Agnes Våhlund

      Visit to the birth house of Astrid Lindgren

  • Noon: 13.00 Lunch

  • Afternoon:

    • 14.00 Visit to the Astrid Lindgren exhibition 

    • Trip to Ädelfors

  • Evening: Dinner

    • 19.00 Lecture about strong girls in children´s and youth literature: Elias Våhlund: Handbok för superhjältar (Handbook for superheroes)
      (Open to librarians and teachers too)

Friday 21 september 2018

  • Morning:

    • 08.00 Breakfast

    • 09.30 Lecture by Inge Umans about the Kamishibai´s unprecedented possibilities for children´s and youth literature and beyond (open to librarians and teachers too)

  • Noon: 12.00 Lunch

  • Afternoon:

    • 14.00 Lecture by Gerda Dendooven about the importance of books in a child’s life, followed by a discussion about integration and cooperation between people, organisations and countries. (open to the general public)

    • 14.00 Book fair open to the general public (Stands of various children´s books authors, illustrators, writing coaches and publishers) 

  • Evening: Buffet with music

  • Extra:
    • Hela världens Bullerbyn
    • Exhibition
    • Illustrators are invited to submit an illustration (1 original work, 1 print) to SmåBUS. This illustration is to be based on (one of the stories from) ‘The Bullerby Children’, also known as ‘The Children of Noisy Village’ or ‘De kinderen van Bolderburen’. The original work will exhibited in Astrid Lindgren’s Näs.
      We are also investigating the possibility of a traveling exhibition. The prints will be on display in Ädelfors Folkhögskolan during the festival.

    • Extra:
      • During the festival, there are meet and greets to discover the work and life of colleagues from different countries.

    • Extra:
      • Have you met colleagues that thruly inspire you during the festival? Do you feel like working together? Then take the opportunity to submit a request to become artists in residence (1 month in 2019).